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Slim Comfort Stretchy Pants

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Color: Black
Size: 38

Introducing the Slim Comfort Stretchy Pants, the epitome of style meets function for the modern man. Crafted with attention to detail, these pants are designed from superior quality fabrics that promise not only durability but also exceptional resistance, ensuring they stand the test of time in your wardrobe.

The Slim Comfort Stretchy Pants are engineered to offer unparalleled breathability, making them perfect for the active man who values both appearance and practicality. The innovative fabric promotes air circulation, ensuring that you remain cool, fresh, and comfortable no matter the circumstance.


  • Slim Comfort: Enjoy unparalleled comfort and style with the Slim Comfort Stretchy Pants

  • Breathability for the Active Man: For the man who is always on the move, breathability is essential. This garment offers air circulation, keeping you cool and comfortable in all situations.

  • Slim Fit and Modern Design: Slim Comfort Stretchy Pants enhance your visual appeal without compromising your comfort, adapting perfectly to the human silhouette. The design is both elegant and adjusted, making it the ideal choice for casual or more formal occasions.

  • Comfort Beyond Expectations: Experience supreme comfort with these pants that hug the body smoothly and pleasantly. The second skin effect provides an innovative level of comfort, redefining the dressing experience.

Size Chart:

Size Length (in) Hips (in)
38 37.8 40.16
40 38.98 41.73
42 39.76 43.31
44 40.55 44.88
46 40.55 47.24
48 41.34 48.82
50 41.34 50.39